Monday, July 25, 2005

Good ol' fashioned blog post

I haven't posted here for a while, so I figured I better do so. No podcast, just text. If I get time, I'll make an audio podcast this week. I think I have some quality material to constitute making a podcast. I'll probably have a segment called "Stupid things in Oklahoma", because there sure have been a lot of stupid things I've heard about especially as it relates to the good ol' university.

Some bad news on the job search. I got rejection letters from William Carey College in Mississippi, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Heidelberg College in Ohio. It's not exactly boosting my confidence to get passed up by these schools. I'm still holding out that I might get a call from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, but I know that their committee met about a week or so ago. So that doesn't bode well.

I'm heading to Chicago in about a week for the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy. Although this probably won't be the party trip that MTNA in Seattle was, I think it might be good to just recharge the batteries and gain some confidence. I'm supposed to help George with his multimedia recital. He's been really good to me since I met him in Seattle. Thanks to George, I'll have an article published in Keyboard Companion for its Winter 2005 edition, and he set me up to be a reviewer for American Music Teacher. I'm supposed to review some virtual piano software. No money for these gigs, but hopefully it will get my name around and someone will notice.

Lot of people getting more into blogging. The Dude, Slab, or whatever you want to call him just started his blog. My brother, Mike, just got his blog up at Looks like he's going to start podcasting too, as I tried to talk him through some of the steps on and Feedburner. It's amazing that podcasting seemed so difficult about a month ago, but once you understand the whole RSS concept, it's not so bad. I cleaned up my Safari RSS feeds in my bookmarks bar, so that it only includes NHL, Flyers, and Eagles news. It makes getting those news articles a lot easier, especially since there's been a flurry of news from the NHL since they got back in business. Thanks for the memories, John LeClair. He provided lots of great moments when he was in orange in black.
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