Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How to Play Trouble by Coldplay on Piano

By popular demand, here's another video podcast piano lesson on how to play the song "Trouble" by Coldplay. I also answer email and comments from the first Coldplay piano lesson podcast.

If you find the lesson helpful, below you will find links to buy recordings and sheet music for the song "Trouble" from iTunes and musicnotes.com. Buying music from these links will donate a small portion of the sales to me, your friendly-neighborhood piano teacher!

Coldplay - Parachutes - TroubleBuy Coldplay's Trouble from iTunes for $0.99

TroubleBuy the music video of Coldplay's Trouble from iTunes $1.99

Click here to buy the Coldplay Parachutes music book which contains "Trouble" from musicnotes.com

Click here to buy the Coldplay Parachutes digital sheet music which contains "Trouble from musicnotes.com

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

HughSung.com and a new job

I'm happy to welcome Hugh Sung from the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia as a subscriber to the Piano Podcast!

I came across his blog/podcast recently and discovered we shared similar interests in technology, music, and podcasting. I was particularly flattered by his comments in a recent post that he made where he stated that I was added to his podcast playlist and how much he enjoyed the group piano video podcast episode with Julie Knerr.

Hugh invited me to be interviewed on his podcast in the future through the magic of audio chat software (likely going to use the Gizmo Project application).

I probably won't be able to do anything with that until June as I'm tied up with an online course that I'm teaching for the University of Oklahoma intersession these next few weeks. Plus, I'm happy to officially announce that I accepted a job with the music school at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas! I'll be Coordinator of Class Piano and Piano Pedagogy. Needless to say that I'm excited and grateful for this opportunity. So if you're looking to major in music and piano or piano pedagogy, then consider Stephen F. Austin State University! Maybe I'll see you in class!

Hugh also obliged me by putting his pin in my Frappr map. So if you haven't added your pin yet, go ahead and add it today!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

MTNA Podcast Presentation 4 - Video Podcasting

Wow! It took over a month, but we've finally reached the end of my MTNA presentation on podcasting. In this last part, I cover video podcasting in music education, talk about copyright issues, and the alternative of using "podsafe" music from the Podsafe Music Network.

I hope that viewers and attendees found this presentation to be helpful and informational. My main goal was to inspire other musicians and music teachers to start their own podcasts. If I was successful in this endeavor, I would be happy to hear your story and share it with others.

Duration: 14:02
File Size: 59.9 MB
File Format: MPEG-4 Video Podcast (.m4v)

Update: I'm putting the YouTube playlist of all 4 parts of this presentation on podcasting in this blog entry, so that it ties everything nicely together!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Random Access

Yesterday I had my first multiple-person video iChat conference with Shana Kirk and George Litterst...sort of. As you can tell from the photo here, we weren't successful getting George's video working for some reason. Shana suspected that it was a Comcast problem or the fact that George has so many shareware and freeware programs on his computers! Nonetheless, George was still able to connect with us in voice and spirit. It was neat how George was at home in Massachusetts, I was at school in Oklahoma, and Shana was at a hotel room in California.

The reason that we "got together" was that it was agreed that we would all be contributing to the "Random Access" column in American Music Teacher Magazine. George has been writing the column for the past 5 or 6 years which appears three times a year in American Music Teacher (AMT). Shana and I are now on board with what I suppose is the new "Random Access Team". For those of you not familiar with Random Access in AMT, it is a column devoted to technology-related topics in music education. Hopefully if any subscribers to this magazine are reading this, they will email me, Shana, or George to give some feedback or a wishlist on music technology topics that they want covered. We threw around some good ideas during our video iChat yesterday, so it should be an exciting experience to say the least.

Next time will be the conclusion of the MTNA Podcast Presentation series. The last part covers video podcasting in music education.

A special hello to all the people who put their pin on my Frappr Map during the month of April: Matt from Tennessee, Robert from the Netherlands, Philip from Germany, Andy from Pennsylvania, Mark from Chicago, Charmaine in Milwaukee, Jon from Wisconsin, Sono from Mexico City, Karlo from Calgary, Natalie from Kansas, Glen from Georgia, and Rafael from Massachusetts.