Monday, July 18, 2005

Published on the iTunes Music Store!

Woo hoo! Those lovable geniuses at Apple came through. They actually published my podcast on their music store! Now I HAVE to come up with some decent content. I'll also have to find a different picture than the one they use for artwork there. The one on there now is getting old, but probably the only half decent one I have.

Here are screen caps to prove I got on, just in case one day they decide not to allow us to do this for free anymore. If you do search in Podcasts for "mario", then it will come up (along with some German dude apparently also named mario). It's also listed under the category of Audio Blogs if you don't mind swimming through that scene of chaos.

Also the direct URL to my iTunes music store is:

Stay tuned to figure out what I do next.
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