Thursday, August 18, 2005

Stupid things in Oklahoma #1

I keep meaning to keep a log or podcast of stupid things that I encounter in Oklahoma, but I keep putting it off. Well, enough putting off. Now just to be clear, I do NOT think that Oklahoma is stupid. Just that in the 3 years that we've been here, sometimes we encounter some stupid things that boggle the mind sometimes.
So Gina goes to Goddard Health Center to check to see if we made a September appointment for Nio with one of the doctors. Here's the conversation paraphrased a bit:

Gina: I'd like to check to see if we made a doctor's appointment for my son in September.
Receptionist: Can I see your ID?
Gina: I'm sorry. I forgot my ID. But I know my ID number.
Receptionist: I have to see your ID card before I give you any information.
Gina: Can I call you later and check my son's appointment if I give you my ID number over the phone?
Receptionist: Sure. No problem.
Gina: But didn't you just say that you need to see my ID card before you give any information?
Receptionist: Yes, but that's because you're here in person.
(Gina stands there confused - as most of us would if we were confronted by this warped logic)
Receptionist: If you have a complaint, you can talk to my manager.
Gina: No, that's okay. Thanks.

So if Gina had a cell phone and stood there in front of the receptionist and called her and asked her over the phone for appointment info, would they accept that?!?
Don't get me wrong. Dr. Rice has been great for checking out Nio, and Karen the physical therapist fixed my neck last month when it was all screwed up.
Policies are good in most cases, but sometimes we need to take a look and see why they are there in the first place.
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