Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Philadelphia Eagles (0-1)

Ouch is right. Yes, the Eagles start the season 0-1 just like the OU Sooners. The difference is that unlike the stupid BCS system, in the NFL you don't have to pack it in and say we have NO chance of a championship after losing the first game. I think even the Patriots got blown out by the Bills on the opening season game en route to one of those Super Bowl victories.

Here are some game thoughts:

What's the deal with Jeremiah Trotter getting ejected?!? You definitely saw a hole in the run defense yet again with his absence. Warrick Dunn and Michael Vick definitely saw that hole.

How awesome is Brian Dawkins?

When did kicker David Akers become human?

Donovan McNabb did NOT look good last night. He seems to telegraph his passes too much. Why can't he be like Tom Brady who looks one way and finds an open receiver through his peripheral vision? And stop holding on the friggin' ball so long! If no one's open, take off!
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